Tech tips

This page contains a summary of my Tech Tools talk. These are just a few of the tools I use to speed up my translation work and daily workflow.

Voice recognition software

Even as a fast typist, I find voice recognition software to be much quicker. The following clip shows how I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking to translate. I find I have to proofread my work more (see for instance that the word ‘to’ is missing in this translation), but also that my translation usually reads more naturally.


As translators, we have to do a lot of research. IntelliWebSearch is a fantastic tool to program shortcuts so that you can research multiple resources at the click of a simple shortcut. In the video below, I explain how the tool works and what kinds of searches you can perform. See also my Downloads below for my shortcuts map and settings file.


AutoHotkey is a fantastic free tool. It allows you to write simple scripts to run repetitive tasks. With AutoHotkey, you can write your own shortcuts to open programs, folders or files, or to type out a set message. You can even ‘loop’ functions so that it will perform several commands at the same time. I have written two articles:

The video below gives a short run through of how I use AutoHotkey. You can download my AutoHotkey scripts at the bottom of the page.

Inverting the colours on your screen

Try using Window’s Magnifier to invert the colours on your screen. It makes it a lot easier to work in a dark room or at the end of a long day.


Click here to download:

  • An introduction to AutoHotkey and my favourite scripts
  • My IntelliWebSearch shortcuts map and settings file
  • My productivity tracker (Excel)
  • My sample quote and invoice file (Excel)