Seeking a Paralegal job in New York

After 10 years working in legal translation, I’m ready for a change…

Over the past two years, I completed my legal studies in the UK. I completed an undergraduate degree in law that taught me the academic side (GDL) and a Master’s in law that focused on the technical skills required of a corporate or commercial lawyer (LLM LPC).

I am now looking for a paralegal job in New York working in a commercial, corporate or financial team, either at a law firm or in-house.

When we first moved here at the start of November, my wife and I asked our friends around the world to introduce us to their friends and family who live here. We met some truly wonderful and kind people, and I’d love to do the same again to meet legal professionals here. A phone call, a coffee, an internship or some advice would be greatly appreciated.

Do you have any contacts in NYC? Please get in touch if you think you might be able to help…

What I’m looking for in my ideal employer

  • A commercial or corporate paralegal role at an international law firm or in-house department.
  • (Preferred) A team led by a solicitor of England & Wales. Long term, I wish to qualify in England and would love to put my time towards the Equivalent Means route. If this isn’t possible, then I’m also keen to gain experience in a commercial or corporate field.

About me

From 2010 to 2020, I worked as a translator specialising in commercial, corporate and tax translations. I speak fluent French and Spanish and over the years have lived and worked in France, Spain and Colombia. I am enthusiastic about new technology and the use of clear legal language. Check out the rest of my website if you would like to learn more.

My wife and I moved to New York at the start of November as she was offered an unmissable opportunity in carbon capture research.