Four eyes are better than two

When translating published texts I work with a reviewer, and so should you. However good you are, having a second person read over your work is likely to ensure a better end result. The remit can vary from a quick check that there are no major translation errors or misspellings, to a full review. Usually, the reviewer (sometimes called a proofreader) won’t adjust the original author’s style but will simply clear up any errors and suggest improvements.


Editing non-native English

English is increasingly the lingua franca in the world of business and academia. If English is not your first language, I highly recommend that you hire me to edit your writing in order to achieve the best possible outcome. Please note, I will need to see your file before issuing a quote.

How much will editing cost?

The price of editing and proofreading can vary hugely. It will depend on the purpose of your text, the quality of the writing, and your urgency to publish. Please send me your document and tell me what you want to do with it, I’ll then send you a free, no-obligation quote.

Call (+44) 07708 664086 or email richard@contractually-speaking.co.uk today for a free quote.