Certified translations

I am authorised by the ITI to provide certified translations in the UK. This could be for your birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce settlementacademic transcripts or criminal records check. I can also translate larger sets of documentation, for example if you are applying to the General Medical Council (GMC) or applying for permanent residency in the UK.

Certification of the translation

I will attach a one-page letter confirming that I am a a professional translator and ITI member, and am thus authorised to provide a certified translation for UK institutions. The letter will contain the ITI seal (shown in the picture above), which is why I prefer to send certified translations by post. You can verify my ITI membership here.


Please email me a copy of your certificate. I will respond within 24 hours with a quote. Translations can be delivered within two business days (urgent option) or within one working week (standard delivery).

I ask that all certified translations are paid in advance. You may pay either by bank transfer or by card (PayPal). I require proof of payment to confirm the translation.

Further advice

Please see these links for further advice from the UK Government or from the Institute of Translation and Interpreting on certified or official translations. The GMC publishes its own set of requirements, which I comply with.