Legal translation

Legal translations cross from one jurisdiction to another; from one culture to another. In Spain and France, legal language is often dense and hard to understand. Our challenge as translators is to keep it easier for our readers. This first article discusses this issue.

Putting on the (legal) style: should translations use modern or traditional drafting? 

Research on how legal translators choose their style

Following the article above, we surveyed 130 translators and lawyers. This page presents those results in full.

Drafting workshops

A translator’s view of Ken Adams’ seminar on Drafting Clearer Contracts

The letter of the law – review of a contract drafting workshop by Mark Anderson
Mark Anderson is a leading expert in contract law in the UK. This is my review of his advanced drafting workshop.

Reading list

Some reading for legal translation

These are just a few of the books, blogs and short articles that have helped me progress in legal translation.