Co-working for translators

Co-working is a form of collaboration. I find it extremely useful to meet up and discuss translation and business difficulties with other translators. To that end, in June 2017 I started a regular monthly co-working meet-up in London.

To read more about co-working, please download a copy of one my articles below that were published by the ITI Bulletin and ITI Trends Book 2018.

Translators’ co-working meet-ups in London

Myself and Claire Harmer started a monthly co-working meet-up in London in June 2017. Nathalie Reis, Carolina Casado Parras and Tom Phillips have since taken over the organisation (November 2019). Please contact Carolina to join the next co-working meet up. I still attend when I can and hope to meet you there!

The office charges £14 per day, which includes WiFi and coffee, and is located near King’s Cross.

Translators' co-working day in London
Translators’ co-working day in London

Why should we co-work?

Promoting co-working among translators (ITI Trends in Translation & Interpreting 2018) Download here

What can the best co-working offices offer?

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Some tips for organising a co-working day?

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