Do you need to translate a contract or legal document? At Contractually Speaking Ltd, we specialise in providing clear and concise translations.

We can quickly translate your contract of employment, lease agreement, documents for a court case, or any other legal texts. Get in contact now to get started!

Contractually Speaking Ltd is owned and run by London-born translator, Richard Lackey. As an independent translator you can be sure that you’ll receive my work and only my work, but if the time frame is a little tight, as can often be the case in legal work, we have a scalable model and a network of people to get the job done on time.

At Contractually Speaking, translation of contracts and other legal documents are our staple. In the world of translation, as in any other business, the best way to ensure quality is to specialise in one subject – hence why our main service is translating legal texts, although we are happy to provide translation of general texts too.

We work with senior partners at law firms to provide direct support on cross-border issues. Our clients are largely located in the UK, US, France, Spain and Switzerland.


  • I am very pleased with your work, you have clearly paid very close attention to the French and the translation is very well written indeed.” – François, a tax lawyer at a London firm.
  • Excellent work. Thank you! The tone is just right for our clients” Julian, a dual-qualified lawyer in New York and Paris.
  • It has been a pleasure working with you, and the feedback we have received from our partners is that the translations are of a very high quality” – Martin, managing partner of a Swiss firm.

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The Contractually Speaking style guide

Contracts in English are drafted either in a modern or a traditional style, but Spanish and French contracts mainly follow a very old fashioned format. Some translators transfer this traditional style into their translations, which is often unnecessary and overly complex. Whereas in French or Spanish it’s not uncommon to see a 200 word sentence, in our translations we’ll do my best to split this into several sentences without altering the meaning.

As the reader, you are probably more interested in content rather that the style in which the contract was drafted. At Contractually Speaking Ltd., we’re a big fan of plain legal English and modern drafters like Ken Adams. We want you to quickly understand what the contract says.

To give a simple example, while a literal translation might read: “on the twenty sixth day of the month of May in the year two thousand and fifteen”, we will simply write: “26 May 2015”. Much simpler for the reader and much quicker!

Of course, accuracy is still the main focus when translating legal documents, but we aim to help the reader by providing a clear and concise translation.

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