This page contains a few articles written by me over the past few years centring on translation history, co-working and translation technology.

Fighting spirit, the story of a WWII interpreter

My grandfather’s role as an interpreter in WWII between the RAF and Free French Airforce (© ITI Bulletin 2017) Download here



Handy tips for when you spend long hours behind a computer (© ITI Bulletin 2017) Download here


Ahead of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting Conference in May 2017, I wrote several articles on co-working. I wrote for the ITI Bulletin, ITI Trends Book 2018, and published a set of tips aimed at freelance translators and regional translation groups.


A guide to co-working offices (© ITI Bulletin 2017) Download here


Promoting co-working among translators (ITI Trends in Translation & Interpreting 2018) Download here


Some tips for organising a co-working day (publication created for ITI Conference 2017) Download here


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