Some reading for legal translation

These are just a few of the books, blogs, dictionaries and short articles that have helped me progress in legal translation. I haven’t included law text books, which undoubtedly have a place too.

1. Books

A systematic approach to translating contracts in English – Rob Lunn

A manual of style for contract drafting – Ken Adams

Clarity for Lawyers, 3rd edition – Mark Adler and Daphne Perry

Legal Translation – Deborah Cao

Legal Translation Outsourced – Juliette R. Scott

Legal writing in plain English – Bryan Garner

Plain English for Lawyers – Richard Wydick Sample contracts – from filings w/ SEC

2. Short articles

Some tips for improving Spanish to English legal translations – Daniel Kaplan

Should translations be literal? – Rob Lunn

The Case for Plain-Language Contracts – Shawn Burton

Translating contracts, with link to 2004 ITI Bulletin article – Ken Adams

Translating English-Language Contracts: A Q&A with Ruth Gamez and Fernando Cuñado – Ken Adams

What exactly is legal translation? – Juliette Scott, Words to Deeds blog

3. Blogs

John O’Shea JurTrans

Juliette Scott / Words to Deeds

Ken Adams

Law, Language and Translation at the European Court of Justice – Karen McAuliffe

Lola Gamboa (in Spanish)

Leon Hunter

Margaret Marks – Transblawg (including on ‘shall’)

Rebecca Jowers

Rob Lunn

Ruth Gamez and Fernando Cuñado – Traducción Júridica (in Spanish)

4. Spanish dictionaries and books

Spanish-English Dictionary Of Law And Business – Thomas West

Spanish Law for Notaries: An Overview of the Spanish Legal System and a Practical Guide to Spanish Documents and Transactions – Javier Perez-Manglano

Diccionario de términos jurídicos – Enrique Alcaraz Varó & Brian Hughes

Diccionario jurídico – Juan Manuel Fernández Martinez

5. French dictionaries and books

Council of Europe French-English Legal Dictionary

Vocabulaire juridique – Gérard Cornu